For the first time in PARMA Music Festival history, on January 20th in the center of historic Havana, Cuba, we are going to have a PARMA Music Festival event, featuring Apollo Chamber Players, at the National Museum of Fine Arts (Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes). Admission is free to the public if you happen to be in the Havana vicinity!

This PARMA Music Festival performance is the second in our 2016-2017 festival series, our first featuring Dave Douglas, and OURBIGBAND at 3S Artspace in Portsmouth, NH.

Stay tuned for upcoming performances on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

PARMA is headed back to Havana for the third recording session since the borders were opened by an agreement made between the Cuban Government and President Barack Obama back in 2015.

Shortly after the opening of the borders, PARMA Recordings launched a new label, Ansonica Records, an imprint featuring cross-cultural musical exchanges, and have since released two albums, ABRAZO: THE HAVANA SESSIONS, and INTERSECTIONS.

We’re looking forward to pushing musical boundaries and creating more opportunities for musical expression on behalf of our artists!

If you’re not familiar with Apollo Chamber Players, have a listen to their Navona Records release BLURRED BOUNDARIES: